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A blast from my bandcamp past.

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Vandoran. That name was uttered by many a woodwind player in my band days. It was an important name as it stood for quality and precision playing. It mean that you were no longer a beginning band student but a seasoned one. You would tout your B45 reeds as a badge of honor. If that thing split at the top you didn't throw it away, you slightly cut the tip to make it last that much longer. Except for oboists and bassoonists; they went all D.I.Y. on their reeds. Poor things.

But the rest of us swore by those Vandoran brand reeds. I recalled during my dabbling period, when I'd try anything not a Bb clarinet and had to scrounge up vandoran reeds for an Alto Sax. They (as in Vandoran) came through and made even my nub self on the alto sound awesome. So, I tip my hat off to you good makers of reeds. I will always think of bank when I hear that name: Vandoran.


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