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What a Productive Week - 2 Weeks Till WoD!

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Guess what I did this week?

  • Get to ilvl 578 on le main
  • Get rogue started on the Legendary dagger quest
  • Beat up Yogg 0+ (but died to 25H LK)
  • Roll with the guild and clear up to M Spoils in one night
  • Leavel my 86th? pet to 25

Looking Cute, Feeling Cute*

*Helps I feel super prepared for WoD:
Got some herlooms
Have an okay amount of gold
Most of the achieves I want are done

To Do List before WoD:
Finish up Loremaster
Finish up Bloodsail Rep
Get 1,2, or 3rd in fishing tourney :(
Get exalted with AV


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