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There is a such thing as 'No Deposit' Casinos

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I have heard of online betting and casinos many times before. You tend to play with real life people around the world with virtual currency that you can cash out for real money. They seemed harmless until a crackdown by the US government on US bidders happened a few years ago. Seems betting on not regulated websites for real money to be lost was bad.

But newer casinos have started using a no deposit bonus to bring in more bidders while staying in the green with US agencies. See, unlike a traditional casino, these types don't simply give you a small wad of cash ans say 'go!' or a pile of virtual currency to dabble with (or even have you in some half backed spectator mode) - they let you play with actual money they provide for free. As in you don't have to fork over your own money. This is a great option for players like me who would rather get a feel for a place first before spending a red cent.

See, I've had a guilt enjoyment of playing such games. I grew up no where near Las Vegas nor had the money nor always available transport/time to go to the newfangled brick and mortar places (as few as they are) around here. So to be able to at any time to just pull up a chair and play - plus for free (and depending on the place indefinitely as long as I don't leave their casino) is the best of no risk and fun gambling.

Ok, there is the risk of sucking and losing your shirt virtually, but since the money you are playing with isn't yours, the term 'no risk' stands! I think after work I will give some of these a try. No skin off my back and maybe if the place is awesome, I can upgrade to throwing in actual money (they allow that too, heheh).


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