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Dat DK

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DK's gunna DK, amirite?

Well, I was hoping for my rogue to get both but eh. Warglaives aquired, yo. Not Zaccy's fault she looks at Illy and he was like *sitting in a pool of his own blood* muttering, 'Here. Just...here.....please go...x.x.'

Legendaries acquired: 5. In progress: 2 (haven't even bothered with the rogue ones from cata yet)

It doesn't help that after months, MONTHS of trying to beat gold proving grounds on my mage, this DK just strolls in (note that this is my boosted charrie who is like 30 ilvls below said mage. Yes, I know ilvl doesn't matter in there but still!), one shots bronze and silver, and after tweeking and a few close calls where I made it to round 7 -9 consecutively, I get gold done.

And here I was hemming and hawing that when ever someone would pity me and run CMs with me I'd have to go frost mage. Pfft Frost DK is where it's at.

/returns mage card >.>


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