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After a 'fun' (read: painful, taxing and agitating) weekend in rushing to finish up my Children's Week achievements...

Remember that I uh 'disposed of' my original WoW account? You know the one with all those done achievements? Well I don't have them on this new account. This means I have to redo all the holiday stuff. So Children' Week - where you go do stupid tasks for kids you'll forget about after the holiday and GODSDOIHATESCHOOLOFHARDKNOCKS.

But it was done. And now I'm enjoying myself in looking at these pretty coins on http://www.goldeneaglecoin.com. Coins have become a bit of a fun hobby for the guy and lately for myself. I simply like the way they look, and how they can be displayed in any fashion and look good. In fact flipping a coin was like a stress ball for me this taxing weekend.

Also, PvP objectives for a mostly PvE centered set of achievements is evil, Blizzard.


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