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Finding alternate games besides WoW to play.

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After 9+ months of getting my WoW on, I decided to take a bit of a break. Sometimes there is something called having too much of a good thing. Now, this didn’t mean I didn’t play anything gaming related; no I even gave in and tried out a few games on Steam. But I being of the frugal sort, did not have a lot of cash to just go and go on a buying spree. I wanted to not only take a break from WoW but to take a break spending money on games also.

This meant I’d have to search around the internet to find diversions that were engaging, fun and above all free. This searching had me (after reading some fanfics I had ignored for ages) find a rather neat site. Now, I’ve seen many sites in this vein before. Random game filled site listing either odd rip offs of current games, all in various states of not quite working or rather cheaply done that are only around for the cheap page views.

But playberry games is different. It was:

1. Not filled to the brim with ads.
2. Didn’t pester me with 100x prompts to sign up every five minutes.
3. The games were actually playable!

When I say playable and fun, I mean that the games gave you clear directions, looked like effort was given into their creation and were simply fun! They allow you to sign up with your Facebook account I assume to try and invite your friend’s in on the action. You can even leave comments on the game as well! The site itself lists everything neatly so each genre is right there. Say you are a puzzle game fanatic? All games under that category can be found under one section.

What is also neat is that they have an actual about us and info section implying that the site is legit and not some fly by night operation. Playberry.com even lets you play stuff for free off the bat which is great for my cheap self. Now I’m off to finish up my game of Skulls’n Bones.


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