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What's both awesome and terrible to happen in WoW?

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Getting new gear. Like I ran everything up to Heart of Fear and won my head tier token, a belt that I can add another socket onto along with the socket it already had annnd a nice shinny main hand. I'da jump from 472 ilvl to 475. It would be glorious to wear the stuff when I jet to my guild's MSV run in an hour.

But I is poor and hell is hot. I got like three upgrades but I can't wear em yet. I has a sad. I would of had the gold had I:

1. waited to gem up the old hat I had gotten earlier (they really upped the rate for gear drops in LFR)

2. Blizz had NOT changed the mage trees so I had to spend most of my day figuring out how to live without scorch AND switching from stacking mastery to haste (smells like Wrath a tad)

and yeah. So poverty sucks in WoW. I could do dailies but between all the raids and all I'm tapped out. Oh wells. 50k dps is still okay though I wanna do more damnit!


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