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A celebratory smoke.

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After setting out what I wanted to mostly do with Hota 2.0 - basically to get her up to where Hota 1.0 would have been (sans a few no longer obtainable achieves like her pvp one and the Hand of A'dal title - I feel like celebrating. I so want to smoke one of those flavored cigars and just sit in smug accomplishment. Yeah she's not a Troll nor Horde but that's okay. The people are nicer. And I has an 85 Troll Druid so I haven't abandoned the Horde nor Trolls.

But I so want to savor a nice chocolate flavored cigar and simply celebrate. Guess I'm still a bit into the game after all. Now to live with the travesty of what was done to arcane. Don't worry, I won't get drunk because of that (though it's tempting).


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