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In which Hota decides it's time for a Vaca.

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After all that cleaning, fixing, and re-installing of furniture, Hota was bushed. There was that magic box she still kept around... So she finds it, peering open the lid cautiously. In it wasn't some silly Night Elves posturing or some odd car thing, but it seemed a living area. Look at these condos at L'Hermitage~

This location of Ft. Lauderdale was as alien to her as human wine. Weak stuff, that was. The places shown to her were rather beautiful in that overly pompous human way. The luxury oceanfront condos at The Palms in Fort Lauderdale were accented by the clear nearly picture perfect beaches that surrounded them. Trolls could not help but find the lure of a quiet beach too enticing. No palm trees though. A bit too out in the open.

In fact all these Luxury oceanfront condominiums in Miami were too out in the open. Did these people not know we are in the middle of war? Maybe this resort is like Booty Bay where everyone could co mingle.


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