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What does a troll need with clamps?

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Especially toggle clamp? Well...that's a long (sorta) story. See, days after that oven fiasco - those bothersome goblins from the rental place came by. Wanting their payment and all. And since she loathed them more than even the Alliance at this point, she wanted to get them back.

As the little jerks talked and talked of taking things of hers to pay their silly loan, she saw a pair of clamps hanging off their truck. And considering she was in no mood to deal with them, Hota simply blinked forward and stole the things - whipping them off the truck right in front of them!

Hours later, the two quarrelsome goblins were found in dire straights. Affixed to their truck by the seat of their underpants, the two hung looking rather unhappy to be there but relieved to be out of the irate troll mage's hair.


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