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Mo pcs, mo problems

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As I finally reached level cap (well Wrath level cap) with Hotaruchan 2.0*

*yes it's an old screenshot

My poor guy had went out of town. He had decided to remote into his pc and then instead of shutting it down left it running. This isn't so bad except our place is prone to having power outages. Mainly due to the power company tinkering with things in the morning and not saying anything (I hate that they assume that everyone goes outside to work - freelancers work too!).

This caused his pc to shut down improperly damaging his windows OS. It was as expected when he came back a terrible thing. He had his tarp out to sit all his computer parts out. Considering that the inside of one can get rather dusty AND the floor being carpeted could cause more damage, having his stuff on tarps was a precaution.

The blue tarp had both sides of his case on it, and the damaged drive. I could tell he was worried about his baby. Guy just wanted to come home and play WoW :(


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