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In other news...hotels and WoW sorta mix.

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Okay. I admit it. I so gave into that trial account deal. I in fact like a bandit as I sit in this room reading a brochure about PeachSuite Wholesale Hotel Supply & Restaurant Supplier, that I've been playing the crap out of their trial account. WoW lets you play a trial account - where you can play up to level 20 indefinitely. Yeah, you are limited in what you can do, but it doesn't hinder too much the enjoyment of the game.

I then rolled a few characters while resting on this comfy sofa with a silver tray for food laying on it - all outsourced. Hotel Supply - it's a business. Never knew that the furniture I sleep on wasn't made by the hotel itself. In fact near everything in this okay hotel was made elsewhere. The more you know?

Yeah, I've gotten into investigating where places buy their stuff. But anyway, aside from reading up on Hotel Supplies & Catering Supplies, I've been reading up on old places such as Wowwiki and new such as Noxxic. What sealed the deal was of a possible new server with casual level 80 raiding and that super sweet $5 deal to buy up to Wrath expac. Mmm. So Hotaruchan may rise again? I dunno, but I definitely am going to fall onto this probably outside purchased bed.


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