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Pimping out my auctions

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Oh seo consulting services where were you?
I was looking and looking and looking. I even pondered what use you would be to me. I mean, my blogs in and of themselves aren't all that. I mean my flotilla of blogs in an of themselves don;t really need it.

Maybe full on hosting but in general they don't.

But I do plan on finally getting on to that ebook business. Would seo consulting services help? I mean I've been of an on selling things on the side but I never really pimped out my sales much. I then discovered that I had a long ignored WordPress page just sitting there in the flotilla of space.

I have had my selling places listed link by link but everyone knows the best way to promote them is to have a full on page for said items. I had used to do small posts on here bring attention to them but I think having a full on page just for them may do me wonders.

But after setting up I think seo consulting services should be brought in. Getting that page to do it's work for me after years of neglect will be a challenge.


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