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My legit and unhacked...err untouched PS3

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Well it’s been a year since I scored that used ps3. I’ve been tinkering with it along with its cousin, my psp. I’ve enjoyed hacking the psp a bit as seen in this pic:

But the ps3? It has sadly been in general untouched hack wise. I mean I had intentions to do so but then friends were all ‘play Saint’s Row with meee’ so I had to update it and ugh. And of course if you update the bios, it makes it harder to hack it without bricking. So my ps3 of all the consoles in my house still sits as the lone one not modded - legit, out of the box without a soft mod or mod chip in sight. This makes the pirate tinkerer in me sad.

But, this also meant that I can go purchase ps3 games for it and not worry about anti mod detection on newer games rendering that game unplayable. And since games are dropping in price due to the next gen consoles coming out soon I can snag titles such as Skyrim, UMvC3, and maybe I’ll spring for Op Raccoon City despite Capcom disappointing me with the newer entries in the RE franchise since RE4. So many games to try out – well before I figure out a way to hack my ps3 anyway teeheh.


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