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Thinking back to WoW and then thinking Foward

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It’s funny how much time has passed since my leaving WoW. I like thinking back once in a while on the when, the why, the how. Do I have regrets? A few: mainly that I took out my real life frustrations on the wrong people and may have been a bit insensitive on that front. Then again we were all assholes in that game so it was an even field. But even what 3-4 years now (I forget it was somewhere during Wrath) I look back and know that I did the right thing.

Bow out before things got worse, as a person and as a player. I wasn’t a super fab player by any means; I was mediocre at best. I simply was thinking and doing things that would in the end gain me nothing. No money, no financial security or improvement of life, just…nothing but pixels. Pixels that when (not if but when) Activision-Blizzard closes WoW’s doors will never follow me. I will never own those characters. They will never be me.

It was time to be me. It was time to live for me. Not pixels. Have I achieved that? I’d like to think so.

I still have my screen shot forever in a professional picture frame though. It was a good night that raid.

Slaying the real life dragon though…that’s been nigh a most heroic 25 man raid experience one manned.


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