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Mistaken Political Identity?

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I checked my email just now. I sorta neglect my poor neglected twitter, popping in now and then to make sure my blog feeds are okay and to say hi from time to time. Well, I got a note that I was friended by a lawyer lady. Eh, nothing big, maybe she'd be fun to watch. And yes I do try to see who I follow before I follow back. Her page full of lawyery stuff was okay...and then I saw that she was prominently more well known for being a Fox News commentator.

Note that I rarely if ever watch TV. It's a depressing wasteland of how crap sack our media is. Mind I find Fox near the nadir of said cracksack media comeing across as rather dishonest and a bit of a scary mongery place. I sat scratching my head wondering why this commentator person would follow me of all people. Was my lack of discussion on what I believe a selling point? I mean my follow list entails:

Demand Progress and other assorted think tanks, cuponers, RuPaul (<3 you), NORMAL, freelance job leads, a crazy amount of gamers, gay rights activists, parody character accounts, pop stars, underground/indie stars, protesters, 99% ers, and even 4channers and /co/ers...really Fox News Gais. GAIS.

I'm probably not remotely in your target audience.

Just a thought.


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