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Don't Know Your Casino Games? Read up on these guides!

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I’ve been off and on dabbling into the world of casino games ever since I’ve stepped onto the internet. In between longer form video games, I always liked being able to hope onto a website here or there and try my hand at them. Mind you I was terrible. I lost more than I won. But I was content in my badness and didn’t bother to pursue the nuances about the games.

Then it so happens a friend of mine invited me whenever I had the time to visit him in Louisiana. Despite living in New Orleans, the epicenter of debauchery and night time fun, he frequents casinos that hover by the state line so of course they would be an event on our itinerary. I was rather excited at actually playing said casino games for real – but I’m terrible at it. There’s a difference to losing in online matches and risking just time versus going into a live casino and risking actual cash.

So I searched online. So many guides, so little info. Many were a paragraph long writing out things I could’ve inferred on my own. Like how many numbers to a full house, or the general odds of winning in roulette. The guides that could’ve been informative were ones that tried to charge you an arm and a leg. Off the shelf books were geared towards the hardcore player and again cost money and time to sift through.

And then I landed upon Golden Riviera Online Casino. It was yet another site, despite looking rather well put together. A set of guides was advertised in tandem with their site. Now, I expected them to require a fee upfront or having to sign up with a subscription. But this site lets you read their guides for free. No fuss, no odd underhanded ‘pay/sign up’ prompts.

The Golden Rivera offers 4 different Beginner’s Guides: Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and Poker. And funny enough they were of good quality. These weren’t ebooks put together in 1 hour with bad typos and horrid images. You could tell the ebooks had time put into them. Along with the information, tips and trivia are put into the side bar noting famous (or rather notorious) players, basic rules (down to the playing field), playing methods , history, and names for the terms found in each game – one side bar even explained what it took to become a professional dealer!

Each guide lays out things simply as if you had never played that game before but in a times a tongue in cheek way. The guides themselves aren’t long (15 at the shortest, 31 at the long end) but are succinct enough to tell its points while not bogging you down with too much filler. In fact, I can see guides like this being placed onto an iPad as a crib sheet for a beginner to have as a quick ref guide. The guides also are filled with many pictures; as a visual learner, it’s easy to say ‘read the directions’ but to see it visually really helps.

What is the best thing of all is that Golden Rivera rewards you once you download their casino software. The download has a “Practice Play” mode to put what you learned in practice – but once you decided to go to the full on pay for money mode, they gift you with a $2500 free play for simply downloading an ebook. Not too shabby for trying to learn how to not fail in a brick and mortar casino though at this rate I may be content in staying with Golden Rivera!


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