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avahost.net ...you spoil me.

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Ah, web hosting. We meet again. I have sort of ignored the issue as I sort of made my peace with my cheapness. But then saw in my email a letter titled ‘AvaHost.Net inexpensive web hosting’. Now, I was about to hit ‘spam’ (despite gmail being good at that sort of thing…usually) but clicked it open instead. Inside was a link and a decent pitch. So I went.

What hit me straight out the gate was the reasonable prices. What had me stay was the various options. They had the normal webmaster package on steroids. Each pack offered free domain names and promotional tools. So unlike your 1 to 10 website bundle you got aplenty. I mean I can see a site flipper having a ball with such a set up. I can see how people with a bundle of sit like say Khat.com could afford so many sites.

But that and unlimited emails was JUST the regular plan. If you spent more you can get CPanel accounts up to your own server. You can literally start your own blog network with such a set up. I could like make a butt load of affiliate blogs and then host well a bunch of mini blogs. Then again these packages feel like too much of a good thing for a small fry like me. Then again dat $2.77 price tag…

This post is sponsored, btw.


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