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A possible con trip...I dunno

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Hmm…time is ticking by and I’ve yet to decide if I’m able to go out of town for about a month. I was invited to head out of state to hang out and stuffs. As it is, I’m hitting timing snags left and right with a reoccurring doctor’s appointment that may make the trip impossible. We were talking for hours on a gaming con that happens over there too. I haven’t been to a con in YEARS. Like since 2006 long. Part of it was I felt I was too old and outgrew anime (well mostly, I still like the less fluffy anime).

But it never occurred to me to look into gaming cons. Cons where video games and larping and in general geekiness happens. I mean there’s MAG fest run by an old college friend of mine but nothing really else that made me go ‘Go. To the damn thing!’ …mainly because I’m not one to go alone to such things. But my friend was like c’mon, go with me up here! So plans are being hashed out to see if I can make it.

But if I can get myself down there, I’d need a car. Driving there is not gunna happening that’s far across the country! I not only need a car rental, but a discount car rental. Ugh. So much to figure out; can’t expect to put all of my accommodations of my friend – she’s not that well off. Neither am I.

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