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Online poker - oh how I dig thee

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Now, see poker has become a ‘thing’ with me. I’ve sorta been cheating on my PS3 with Facebook. I then cheated on them both with http://www.pokerstars.com/, a rather risk free website (It also is the world’s largest online poker website). I just couldn’t pass it up. No actual money leaves my hands, and I get the thrill of betting as if it had. I also love that I can download their program onto my pc.

A lot of poker places want you to go to their site and login. This is all well and good but what if you want to free up your browser for other stuff? What if your browser crashes? At least with the program the info is somewhat recoverable on your end. Also there’s the comfort of getting to play against people at your skill level.

You aren’t thrown into a pool filled with old timers who knows the game like a tattooist know Sailor Jerry art. You are pitted against players with the same knowledge and skill so you can learn and improve as a player. You also are given the rules for each game so you can see what the law of the land is while playing. Freezing up and forgetting what comes next is a big problem for me. Having a cheat sheet would help immensely.


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