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A trip to geek out on.

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I may be heading up to New Jersey soon. Seems a long lost (well not really) friend has sorta moved there, making them closer to me in location. Being poor, travel is expensive especially if it involves going across states. A poor person is me waaah. But while I am plotting for a trip to said state, I decided to see if they had any hotspots.

I’m not really a clubbing person (dang crowds and well aside from stupid drunks you don’t go in expecting much) so that’s out. And since August is upon us, the heat will probably be murder. Or so much murder. So I asked if there is anything us geeks can do. I mean NJ has theme parks but so does my area. Woopty do. Apparently NJ has conventions but I sorta missed the big ones already. Pooh.

But! There was talk of a larp she’s involved in. I haven’t done one of those before; just the pen and paper kind. The pool of peoples in my neck of the woods was rather small – much less people I trust to not be drama llamas about stuff (oh the stories). So that’s a plan. Also since she has a place (without having to talk about roommates) the need for a hotel is excluded. Hurray on that. I mean trying to get from one place to another in a place I don’t know as it is would suck.

But yeah, plans. Hurray. I can bring with me Madoka episodes and we can geek out on what video game system is best to mod. Good times, good times.


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