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I may gun for my own server.

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See, here we have a small little Windows server. It runs 24 hours and simply hosts extra files and makes it so we are under one outside ip. But I’m not a computer genius, the guy is. And he is more a tinkerer. He’ll set it up and fix it if it breaks, but extra bells and whistles like setting up my blogs on it. Well that and it’s just one pc. What if one day the lot of you go crazy ad hit the sites all at once? We so as anything can’t handle that.

But dotblock can be a low cost solution for me. I say this because they offer stacks, or preset up options like pre-configured Windows servers, php forums, and so on. It’s rather tempting to at least try them out as they have a $9.99 offer to see if it’s a right fit for me.


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