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Xbox has entered the building

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Oh yes. After YEARS of avoiding em, I've finally broken down and got us an Xbox. No not the 360. An Xbox. I simply had to take up that offer on ebay. Well that and it was supposedly already modded. A first gen too (I tend to like my consoles as close to release version as possible). Downside is whoever modded it plainly sucked at it. Yes, I typically like modding out my consoles, damn the warranty! The console was 'soft modded' as in instead of getting a chip or some sort placed inside of it like my ps2 (or 'hard modding') it was modded due to external means. I.E.: A pc cable to console A Hacked SD/memory card A CD/DVD Now, when I say mod, I mean I mod them to be able to play backups off a burned CD or a HD, can play imported games, and sport things like emulators expanding a system's capabilities. But this console was modded with files out of place, no note as to which program(s) were used, and crashed a lot. At first it was thought it was the Xbox, but it in honest was the shitty modder. So in sum - if you wanted something (soft)modded - do it yourself! XD Now hard modding...yeah I'll let the pros do that.


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