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Upgrading my work desk to greatness

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I have seriously went on a semi upgrade spree for my work desk/pc set up. See, the guy gave me his smaller flat screen helping me toss away the heavy and space eating CRT from my desk. Many like the huge ass screens, but I actually like the small screen. Namely because

1. My desk isn't that huge and

2. I have this rather spiffy (and new) laptop)

So I can indulge a large screen with the laptop. Or dual screen with the laptop and monitor. But I digress. I basically have a pro looking station where I chose between two setups for work and play. But I decided to upgrade even more. I Got a laptop stand because I am rather paranoid about the thing overheating. And it looks nicer. I also like that I can adjust the viewing screen to match with my pc monitor. And that it hides my cables.

But what's super awesome is I'm moving on to wireless things. I already use a wireless router to save cables trailing across the room, but I am digging this wireless mouse that DOESN'T use batters. Battery ones were more trouble than they are worth. Getting regular batteries was wasteful and using rechargeables was just aggravating with how little they kept a charge. And when I'm away I can charge the mouse in a hidden dock.

My bigger prize (that is to arrive in a few days) is my wireless, solar powered keyboard. I can finally toss this Dell laptop that I've had since I got the original pc from Dell oh 7 years ago (no, the actual Dell pc has been upgraded to a custom case). And since it's wireless I can switch from pc to laptop with a usb thingy that comes with it. I plan on getting me some Sennheiser headphones to complete the upgrades o' madness. Hurrah.


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