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Trading up my gamer thumb for a green thumb.

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I was leafing around some Serenata flowers reviews over the weekend. See, after my sort of controlled spend thriftyness, I had decided on starting (no seriously this time) staring a garden. I mean, I as a gamer can't just have that as my only hobby. I mean I write too but they also lean towards gamer topics.

I discuss, I joke, but they all are gaming related! I never realized how one track minded I was till this idea came up. I also feel a tad burned out on just thinking video games all the time. That and I hear it is healthy for both the mind, but the body. Gardening allows one to 'get back to nature' in a controlled way – without controllers heheh. And this place needs something green, and air recycling anyway.

Course watch. I'll make a planter garden and end up inserting video game planting steaks in the pots. Just watch.


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