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Planning on a TV Upgrade Soon

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Earlier, me and my SO were chatting about eventually upgrading from out rather crappy CRT TV to a flat screen. Our pc screens have been flat – but both our (to be fair free hand me down) TVs are of the old CRT kind, not even the flat in between types. Trying to play PS3 games on a blurry old TV is wearing thin. The smaller on in the back room holds a better picture which is sad.

We already have a sturdy entertainment center that holds all our consoles so we have no need for any tv stands with mount, but I've seen those TV mini stands that sit under the TV itself giving it an extra few feet up and into eye line of vision. I kinda want the kind of stand you see Mac users put unfer their screens for more desk real estate with space underneath. We have the cable box on top of the TV for now; it would help in having a place to stash it as a newer TV would be too thin to sit things on.


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