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Mini portals in cigar boxes?

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As Hota enjoyed her smoke, she riffled deeper underside the smoke box feeling an odd piece of parchment under it. Her large three fingers dig with a delicate grace. It probably helped that the Troll wasn't stoned from the cigars. These humans were either lightweights having little herb in the items or didn't put any at all inside them.

But what her middle finger pulled up was...confusing.

A flier of some sort for a such thing as a car? It said it was a 'used car ad' for a http://www.parkautomall.com, going by her broken Common recognition. A flier for used cars in a place called 'Tampa'.

The Trolless had no idea what a 'Tampa' was. She knew what a car was; it was those noisy polluting things those Goblins brought to the Horde. It was bad enough that the things, these 'trucks,' 'SUVs', used cars for the poorer set made such a mess in the once proud capital city, but now they clutter the town and take away her income from granting portals...wait. What is this?

She pulled up the thin ad from the bottom of the box to be exposed to what looked like a mini portal airing these used car videos. Through the swirling thing, she saw more of the moving things rolling about. This was some odd voodoo, mon.


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