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Magic Reserves Versus Generators.

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As the Troll salivated over the ways she could tress and cook each Night Elf to a golden crispness, the portal shrank to barely nothingness. The Troll couldn't help but groan out in agitation. Her impending pyroblasts to each of the nude Night Elves' faces was stolen right from under her. Damn. That was a week's worth of food.

As the small portal shark, the hum of electrical machinery took its place around her. Generators normally ran the non magic sections of Horde encampments...mainly the non Goblin controlled parts. She never trusted the things. But Hota had to grudgingly admit they helped during the power outage a few weeks back, when an Alliance assault knocked out a good portion of the Drag. Magic can only produce so much energy over time. A good burst of it, but not infinitely sustainable as electricity.

Still didn't trust the things though. The generators proved that their was use for Goblin engineering tech. It made her nervous. No, the Horde will always need magic. Magic is personal, not manufactured. Ugh.

Hota closed up the cigar box, tucking it under one arm. She will investigate it more in the comfort of her own home. The generators hummed along as Hota tried her best to ignore their existence.


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