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Internet Musings

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So far, the net service hear has been working fine for us. I thought that Cox were simply terrible at things, but it appears that it wasn't necessarily them, but the age of the house and the neighborhood. See internet service where I last lived was at times sporadic. If a huge rainstorm happened kiss it good by. It was too a point you knew to just save your work and shut down everything. Not a hurricane level storm but a sheet of rain storm. If the temperature fluctuates – power and internet was out.

Then the house itself would fluctuate in power causing the poor electronics to power spike and yet...kills the cable and other things (am surprised my pc survived living in that hot inferno of a place). But back then I thought it was Cox being the culprit. I mean they had a habit almost every weekend at late hours to cut service to 'fix disruptions'. One, they never notified their subscribers as some of us (like moi) game late and work late. Two, it was like every weekend. Third, it was never done to people in other areas of the city.

They were in short, pissing me off. So I considered dsl. Now I also was considering something cheap and not aggravating (I'm looking at you, Verizon!) and that wasn't so low as to be dial up. No wanting to knock people who use dial up, but I'd die if my net was throttled so low. But I had search for alternatives cause Cox was simply being their name sake. The alternatives would've been cost effective too. But the owner of the house (my grandmother) said no.


Though after moving out, me and Cox have reconciled as the bad service was an area thing. Though if they go down the shitter here, I will not hesitate to try those other places.


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