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In which a mage strikes back

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This whole week sucked for the Troll mage; she was now in debt to these slimy Goblins. Hota passed by one of these complicated an in her opinion, over built vehicle contraptions. She being a person able to teleport, or even ride a mount from location to location she saw little point to such a contraption. That and they polluted the Orgimmmar air with its emissions.

She despite her disdain for it, started to poke around the unattended vehicle finding herself at some point looking under the engine hood. She saw with a strange covering of some sort coated in soot. It had written on it, 'k&n replacement air filters'. Wonder what would happen if I take it out...

The mage slide the item out, magicing it away. Well, if they are going to take my money and time, I'll take theres in like kind, the mage wryly thought as she walked away from the slightly lighter vehicle.


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