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Free Night Elven meat? Yes, please.

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Hota peered further into the portal, confused as to its purpose. The images flickers pass her red eyes, one stopping at it seemed a concert for the Tauren Chieftains, to someone's strange blinds...no faux wood blinds. Faux because of the strange energy the wood gave off to her. The Blinds then suddenly flipped open, exposing a pair of Night Elves doing more than just tending to ones wounds.

Two female Night Elves at that. Hota licked her lips, less because of the sensationalism (in fact politics and sex didn't even hit her at the moment) but of the deliciousness their cooked meat would be. Yes, in Horde law cannibalism was verboten...against other Horde members. And as a card carrying Troll, Hota wasn't going to pass up on a free months worth of meat. Now..to only get through this portal...


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