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Wherein Hota debates on taking up cooking again.

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As she passed by the Troggs and their over glorified trash operation, the Trolless walked by a coking hut. ‘Enclume’s Cooking Shack’. Aside from the typical spices, raw Gnome meats and sundry offal, the person who owned the place sure talked themselves up good. They even sold cook wear- all with their names emblazed in fancy lettering. Enclume pot racks, enclume pans, enclume backing sheets – the list seemed endless.

Hota softly touched one such enclume pot rack watching it sway too and fro with the weight of varying pot and pans already hanging from it. The display section had her think briefly on buying a set…it had been a while since the mage had bothered to seriously cook instead of conjure food. But as she thought on her budget – a retired fighter forced to budget!? Stupid war lock down… The mage privately grumbled this to herself as she declined the rather tempting offer of the enclume potracks, walking out of the store to avoid monetary temptation.


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