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Tom and Jerry still have games out.

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I didn't know that Tom and Jerry still inspired video games. I mean I grew up with them on the TV, the crafty cat and the street smart mouse in their eternal dance to outwit each other. A lot of the battles were one sided, with Jerry outwitting Tom, despite Tom's admirable persistence in trying to get the wily mouse.

Mind you the duo's heyday was before I was even born, but even in my childhood, games on many consoles were put out – some good, some terrible. But it is very neat that sites such as tomandjerrygames.co still puts out some fun titles.

There is one title called room escape where Tom locked Jerry in the house, forcing the mouse to try and make his way to the key in which he could then escape said house. Course why would a tiny mouse needed a key when he can make holes (ala his mouse hole), or why Tom isn't trying to actively eat him is questionable, but the short game is interesting. It's a point and click adventure that has you examining everything to find the elusive house key.

Then there is another game, home run derby. This game seems oddly placed though as this game has you playing as Bugs Bunny as a batter in a baseball game. I say odd cause clearly this has nothing to do with Tom or Jerry. But the game itself is a solid time waster and plays with few glitches. And well it's hard to complain if a game is free.

The website has tones of games in this vein, letting you deal with Tom and Jerry in varying situations in decent flash games. Hey aren't huge or well polished, but you get what you pay for – which is free. They do their job and let you have a bit of fun in small fun chunks.


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