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Plans for My Business Growth

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So it nearing that time of the year again, where I reevaluate where I stand with my brand and my methods behind my small business marketing plan. When I first started out doing this blogging thing, I wanted to do just that. Blog, and gain a bit of coin from it. But nowadays I've found myself inadvertently expanding.

I mean right now I blog here and elsewhere for at least 6 places (3 on my turn and 3 nit), work a gig that's under NDA, sell on various auction venues and am holding out for yet another gig. i.e. I am not nesting all my eggs in one basket but hopefully not spreading myself too thin. I like what I do yet I know in order to keep the work stay I need my name out there.

This doesn’t just mean me plastering fliers with my face and likeness everywhere or phone calls, this mean bolstering my web presence The web is like the best place to be seen for better or worse. When I made that online resume (and just as quickly gave it a domain name), I didn't expect much from it. But strangely that domain and the many I run have gained me more than I ever expected.

In fact if I do a local search of my name, I show up first on the results. Great for if I ever grow famous I guess. But knowing that people are hitting me up for advice of freelancing or selling items in various places makes me happy to be of help.

But to solidify my presence I need more. More web presence, more visitors, more requests. I've laid the foundations – building up my portfolio, gaining feedback in my various auction sites, simply hustling – and feel I can only build so much up on my own now. I want and need to get a bigger trust in my brand. This (aside from opening an ebook store) is my next plan of attack.


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