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Into the Goblin Shops

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As the lone mage wandered about, she had managed into the goblin quarter. Now, Hota wasn't too discerning a sort, but the goblins...there was something about them that got under her skin. Tauren and obviously her fellow trolls were okay. The undead though at times shady were simply at worst a smell batch of dead humans along with their death knight 'cousins'. Blood elves? Too pretty to be of harm. The Orcs despite their warmongering new leader were okay folk.

But the goblins? They always to her felt like a shifty lot. She didn't forget their prior roll with Nefarian before the Great Sundering. The troll vowed she'd never will. Despite her hesitation of them, she was admittedly fascinated by their wares.

Phone lockers. What was a 'phone' exactly? Their wares reminded her of the odd trinkets she and a war band ages ago stole from a gnomish encampment. The items there beeped and squalled like these items, but the gnomish tech looked more polished per se. Hota pushed against a small, phone locker, the tall wall of small doors saying a little. She quickly muttered a spell to keep it from swaying. She also mutters a small incantation causing a farther away shelf of these things called 'watches' to topple over. A bunch of goblins fled to the table ignoring her. Grubby, untrustworthy scum. The trolless walk towards the store's entrance, not wanting to spend a minute more around them.


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