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'Free' Camera is 'Free'

My digital camera, while an awesome gift is showing it's age. Pics can be sharp, but on after doing 'pose' gymnastics to pull off okay shots, shots that the web cam on my laptop does ten times better and easier. The lack of a timer function on it is rather annoying as well, forcing me to take bunches more shots than I need to.

So I found a freecycle camera; a Sony Cybershot. I will admit it. I am a Sony fangirl. So seeing the logo made me go for the free investment. But I noticed something off – the sony cybershot battery was dead. How did I know?

The Sony Camera Battery was cracked and leaking. Cleaning out the acid residue wasn't too bad. Camera was also missing the sony cybershot battery charger. But replacing the items isn't too costly. And considering the camera itself was free, it's a small loss for the pocketbook.


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