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Someday, I'll tour Europe in geeky style!

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I’ve not traveled much outside of the states, but I do love looking at the ads for said places. There are many cons that happen in Europe; renting a hotel would be sort of nice but many say renting a flat is the better way to go. See, if I’m going to be hanging out in Europe, I’m going to be staying for a good while. I can justify looking for Flats to rent in Glasgow for example in that I’d like to see the place. Like not take a tour bus for a day see, but see it. I want to see the area I’d stay in warts and al – within reason of course!

I’m not just set on Glasgow, though.

Flats to rent in Edinburgh from what I hear aren’t that bad on the wallet. Neither are the Flats to rent in Aberdeen. But...that’s something that will have to happen when I’m not poor, ha!


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