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Rainy Fun Chains

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It’s been rather rainy as of late. After a few days of said rain, the idea of getting my grandma some rain chains popped into mind. See, she’s not a gamer. Getting her a laptop did nothing more than reaffirm that as she supposedly used it for web browsing and dvds that it all goes to hell with viruses after a few months.

So how does chains rain have anything to do with her? Or gaming? Well, as I was helping to fix that laptop for the millionth time, right by her trash can icon and in the mess of 80 billion desktop icons (icons which I think dear old sis left on there >.<) was a few picks from friends. Some were pictures from various parts of the country, but one beautiful shot was of a rain chain To be cond…

mou05 said...
April 1, 2012 at 6:02 AM  

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