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A longing...

Hota wandered by the cluster mailboxes that lined the side of the communal living quarters. She remembered a time when she had to live in such conditions. Large living rooms filled with sleeping spaces, group feasts, and group drama. But it was the most efficient way to house active troops. This was made even harsher when the Horde Army she was enlisted in had to travel through harsher climes.

She didn’t miss the cramped sleeping arrangements, smelly unkempt ones who made it tough for people like her who tended to bath more than once a week. But the mailboxes. Oh every time the goblins came and filled the residential mailboxes - as soon as they left, there’d be a stampede of people trying to get letters. Letters from faraway lovers, mothers, friends. It was their lifeline to well life outside of the raid.

But now that period of time has long and gone, the Troll touches a stray grouping of cbu mailboxes and felt it. A pang of longing…


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