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How times have changed...

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Hota ambled about in the city she lived in since her younger years. Things have changed in the sprawling yet gritty city of Orgrimmar. The roads were actually paved, saving many a traveler’s mount from hoof/foot/claw damage. Her bathrooms had moved up from a simple thatch hut in the woods to a more modern style bathroom resembling what the humans used, complete with stainless steel tiles on the walls, due to a rather teasing moment of reading click me...you know you wanna while Hordenet surfing, causing an impulsive yet very beautiful purchase. The stores though covered with dust and grime were still sturdy, from the newest inscription shops to the old monoliths like the Orgrimmar bank.

The people were now a bit gruffer though, harsher. She was there during the earlier days of the war, the Alliance and their machinations amidst more ancient enemies. The days of the High Warlords and when the Alterac Valley needed defending. But people despite the loom of the surge were willing to wear a brave face. Then the Dark Portal opened, and faces …those green orc faces met brown and discovered the past that was cut off from them. Happiness despite war was found.

Then the Lich King returned to devour us all, then the Sundering. So much had befallen everyone. Could she blame them for dropping the fa├žade of happiness? She leaned back into the large circular tub lined with stainless steel tile. That new Warchief dosen’t help matters either. But it’s sedition to speak ill of him. A hard task for a Troll used to speaking her mind…


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