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Guess there's never too much storage with video games.

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Well I never thought I’d need Garage Cabinets. I lolled at people in large houses needing space here, or cabinets there. The idea that you have so much space to even need Garage Storage Cabinets was just silly to me. Aside from storing stuff in paid storage (and that was due to sharing living space with other adults) I’m all of the thought that when you lived in your own place that you managed your space. You cut down on unwanted items, keeping what you thoroughly enjoyed and use on a daily basis. And considering I live in a rather small but decent place – this rule was solid.

But I am not just a gamer, but a game collector. I have (along with my guy) a decent sized collection spanning as far back as the 70’s. I have my stuff as organized as they can be – burned copies in spindles, games for one system organized together, closets for lesser played things.

But, I keep my consoles out front and center. Aside from extra consoles (and extra Wii, a regular model GC with its mod chip, an Atari 5600 in a closet because I have no games for it) all are on our decently sized entertainment center. It’s one of those bottom shelf ones that have the TV siting up top. But it has these side doors to stash other items in – controllers, games, the like. But now with our new PS3 purchase the space is maxed on it. A Arrow Spacemaker Storage Cabinets is looking like a needed possibility now. The Steel Storage Cabinets would bring in much needed space without making it look too cluttered. I love it when people come over and wonder where all our stuff is and would like to keep it that way.


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