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Getting cramped with all these games...

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Ah blomus stainless steel. It fits so nice in this little hovel I call home I call it a hovel out of love, guys). 864 sq feet of slackertude. I mean all my consoles are up and hooked up all neat (there is an Atari 2600 in there, it's just dark right now).

Well most of them – the ‘normal’ Gamecube, the Atari 5600, and the PS1(s) are either stored somewhere or hooked up to the other TV. It’s going to be a pain trying to fit the incoming PS3 in there.

Eh, at least we had room for it all. Then again a lot of our extra crap is in our spiffy blomus kitchen. All that blomus stainless keeps our boxes of ‘what can’t fit in the living room’ up and out of the way. What you never used kitchen cabinet space for storage? When you live in a place with a lot of things – after paring down even – it pays to use every square inch you aren’t using for storage.


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