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The bustling Org Hotel Industry

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At the PeachSuite Hospitality Supply, many goblins night and day scurry to make sure all the local hotels of Orgrimmar are full with the best state of the art in relaxation. What, Org can and has in fact sponsored a now thriving hotel chain even with the new Warchief in office. Leave it to goblins to give him a deal he couldn’t refuse.

Resort Supplies & Catering Supplies are expensive, especially in a war time economy. But some retires and veterans did not wish to go off onto a faraway isle; they wanted to stay in the heart of everything ad able to contribute to the war even if my money and not fist.

The Hotel Supplies & Restaurant Supply industry has now been in an upswing since the new war with Deathwing. The terrible Sundering had caused many improvements to be made in creating more durable items ironically using the patches of heat the angry aspect left in his wake.


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