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$2.95 for a host...okay no more hesitation!

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As I was looking around for hosting and all that, a sort of random anvil hit me. See, one of my ‘clients’ is now requiring that blogs in their system need to have a static ip. I being a derp asked what that was to my current host and was told it’s such and such and no we don’t offer it. I was indeed sad. I liked this host. They have been dependable and simply useful. And having a one year fee was nice.

But the fact that if I made said blog a static ip type blog, I’d gain more work. Now, I run 3 blogs, with a baby blog slowly on the way. Moving them all and adding the fees to switch them over, monthly, would kill me. I felt rather stuck as I wanted a good host, but for a cheaper fee. I then found this new place with servers with the most competitive pricing. And by competitive they mean $2.95; like less than half the price of a 100 word blog post.

The temptation of hearing such sweet words as ‘LiteSpeed Technology hosting on 8-core Xeon’ makes me already feel love struck by this company. I also only need one blog to move hosts. Maybe these guys are where I should go. Will have to look into them more first.


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