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Sometimes being upfront earns you more business

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Well, a bit ago on another local, I’ve been pondering about various seo consulting services. They all offer the promise of higher page rankings or better searchablity for a bit of moolah. But thing is, should I care so much if said people find me that much quicker under a key word?

To many who pimp out their sites, one would say an enthusiastic ‘YES!’. I myself am skidish as many seo consulting services look so fly by night, offering this or that but nothing to tell me how long they’ve been at it or what success. Even some of the rather well constructed websites these places use (which can be easily done by contracting a web page designer) say nothing as to their business. And having a batch of testimonials isn’t always legit – you can pay people to do that too.

But some seo consulting services like to put it ALL out there. They like to let others know how long they’ve been at it, how many awards, certs, how up to date even they are in what they do. And when you can search said certs and go ‘these guys are willing to actually study and spend money and time to get better at their craft’...you kind of want to vouch for them. Having no long term contracts also appeals to my no committal to a bill personality. If I don’t even want to commit to a cell phone bill…well.

The pricing seems terribly fair as well, as some places seem to forget you aren’t some rich web page baron made of cash to toss out. But what sells me on a place is the fact that I’m talking to a human being. Like a human (not an automated bot person) will address your concerns. If it doesn’t work on the phone, why do people thing sticking up a bot on their page to answer questions will work more? I hate that. I’m a living being who problems may not be the same as Joeblow357 with a totally different site. I like that whole personalized service thing.


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