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Social gaming takes on poker?

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There are many social gaming companies out there. Many claim to be the next big thing only to be another Zynga rip off, or a rip off of an older game from the time when free games were called sharewarez. Then you see everywhere legal online poker and just scratch your head as most who play poker want to gamble or have a monetary risk. The way the rules are now that is impossible.

But this social gaming companyclaims to be changing things around. They are planning on taking the un inventiveness of general social gaming, and tackling the pratfalls of online poker – by taking currency completely out the equation and replacing it with an actual social atmosphere.

Basically, I get to play poker for fun without the need to gamble actual money and play with human beings that just happen to play poker online. The cash free part could happen, but the community building they claim to be pushing…many MMOs have tried for this, hell Facebook before it became ‘random friends I don’t know updating 1,000x a day and Zynga book’ tried for community. But it is very, very hard to pull this off. Despite my reservations, I think I’ll keep an eye on this.


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