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Newegg saved my butt.

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Now, this path I’m on has been a rather wonderful yet hard one. I mean freelancing? Really? Let this sink into your head. Freelancing. Despite the ‘free’ in said word, it has not been a free ride lemme tells ya. It’s been countless pitching, hunting, weeding and downright hoping. And in said thing there was one constant – my pc. My pc that has stood up to many hours of typing, gaming, moving and other shenanigans.

But this pc (unlike my shiny laptop I got this past Xmas) was not pre built. Not brought from Dell or anything. Nope it was cobbled together from pieces old and new. Like a good little recycler I decided against outright buying a pc prepackaged, and also avoided the bill – getting a pc out the box is at least $2,000 (I mean a worthwhile gaming ready one not those over glorified net browser ones for $500..I’m picky) – and basically looked at my old ailing pc. I looked at it and went ‘Yo, there are some good stuff still here and some that can be useful to people with nothing…and a dead motherboard. Yeah that can go.’ In fact it died mid move to my mothers. This forced me onto a tragically small and underwhelming laptop I borrowed. It made work rather difficult.

In sum, I needed my pc back – and on the cheap as freelance did not equal ‘free’ by any means.

It made no sense to buy a pre made – my keyboard, mouse, monitor, DVD/RW and various assorted parts were good. These same parts I could cut out of my want list.

So what DID I want?

I wanted a better motherboard as it was dead. A way better graphics card. Sound card was okay but could need sprucing. The case was fine – except it was a Dell case. Dell has a nasty habit of making it so their stuff only fits into their stuff. No outside not Dell approved internal upgrades. So I’d need a new, definitely better case.

I needed in total to have a working pc but way under that $2000. Something that would make it worthwhile to keep for 5 years, and that I could easily upgrade when things died grew obsolete. And what place trusted and known was I pointed to? Newegg. Newegg, the same place that helped my resident computer tech help out others, was now my shopping mall. On that website I then discovered (I discover more newegg deals and savings every day I browse) parts I needed, many in package deals. I got my pc back up and running 100x more beastly than it ever was for a cool $500. That massive upgrade allowed me to run MMO games smoothly, let me write and pull up browsers without lag and in general made computing so much more bearable.

Newegg had single handedly allowed me to keep working without putting me in debt for a new pc or killed my wallet. Me and them are besties.


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