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Locker Decor

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Well I was searching for more lockers today…My gaming collection has outgrown my meager shelves. My apartment isn’t that big or anything, but organized items (even when said amount of items is great) makes the place look bigger and neater. Shelves are great in that you can in one spot store row after row of items including the top of it. This is great in keeping things off the floor, but then you have the whole ‘everything’ is out for display’ thing goings on. Too many colors, too many things for the eye to look at.

At least with steel lockers you can avoid this by closing the doors. This makes it so clutter or many small items are ‘put away’ and only the color of the locker being seen. So lockers can be very expensive, especially shipping wise. Here’s to hoping I find some lockers for sale.


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