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A Boss mat for the Boss Lady

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I was looking around for trade show flooring. Why said flooring? Because it is way more durable that regular lock in place flooring – and has the added fun of not looking like it came out of a child’s playroom. See, I have my own computer area. I like its command center feel and wanted to ‘spruce’ it up more.

I happened to out of boredom land on a page about trade show carpet all that entails. I don’t do trade shows, I have nothing that amazing to present to other people. But then I saw these logo mats where you can have custom screened on mats of whatever you want. I immediately went ;’omg, I can have an RE custom mat! The Umbrella Corp. symbol is a logo after all. Not –my- logo, but a logo it is!’ And the mats are huge; none of these tiny bath mat things. I simply must have one. Now and under my feet.


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