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Blogging and Promotions...is it worth it for a small timer?

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Affordable seo is a bit of a crap shoot nowadays. Places say they’ll do this or do that for this much. But is it needed? I mean sure, if you are selling something like:

Tangible goods



A service

…and ectra. But what if you are simply hosting a blog? Nothing mind blowing or super new is on this blog, it's just something you do out of fun? Is pushing your site for a fee worth it? In honest I don’t think so. Sometimes things should stay fun. It shouldn’t be about how many viewers or rankings, or whatnot. This blog is at its core a fun side thing that forces me to flex my brain and toss in a bit of geekery on the side. After pondering the whole ‘seo or not’ for months – I just couldn’t commit. This doesn’t mean seo in general is a bit thing, I simply just cannot make myself care about it in regards to this blog.

Then again I spent all of yesterday fixing like 5 blogs because someone’s photobucket failed. Gurr. Sometimes, just doing things yourself is the most rewarding.


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